Aug 17, 2012

Everlasting Evernote

Sometimes I ask myself, what have I cultivated for posterity? I have cultivated my recipes, I have cultivated a sort of history of where our families favourite foods developed from, I have cultivated a database of everything I love to eat and that's my treasure! This endeavour got further amplified when my darling husband gifted me an iPhone for my birthday this April. A staunch BB lover, the move was very tough on my psyche, I know how dramatic that sounds but if you have made the transition then you will know exactly what I mean. The move meant no more BBM (which meant fewer dirty jokes from Sandy) and well ...that's pretty much it. From the iPhone perspective the move meant way more positive things, I suddenly had access to Apps I had only heard of and that's when the binging began. I downloaded everything I could find related to food, recipe apps, how-to video apps, the supremely insane food chronicler - Instagram and then my all time favourite Evernote Food! My brother had been pitching Evernote to me for a while now, a die hard user in the UK, he claimed it was his digital Personal Assistant, but since I am this vain, I didn't think I needed one (I think otherwise now!). However, it was Evernote Food that connected with me immediately. This was an App that chronicled not only everything I ordered and ate but also everything I cooked. As a caterer it helped me tremendously, because I didn't always remember how I had dressed or garnished a dish and when a repeat order would come, I wouldn't really want it to look much different from what the patrons had enjoyed before. I also love taking pictures of unique produce and products, this is where I house those pics so when I meet specialists I can ask them what that product or dish or veggie was and what all I can do with it. It was after using the App for 5 months that our Blogger group was invited for an afternoon with a Representative (Troy, it was great to meet you!!) from Evernote, for me that was hugely heartening because its all thanks to the digital world that a 'regular' user is recognized and considered to be somebody. That's a whole new world for India where brands and products are yet to appreciate their buyers in totality. Takes me back to a time when I found bits of charred 'I-don't-know-what' in a pack of Marie Biscuits, I snail mailed the brand because this was 10 years back and after a month or so they sent somebody with 4 packs of the same damn thing and not even a smidgen of regret...hmmmm! How far things have come!

The lunch was enlightening in terms of the App, considering I am now a convert to Evernote as well. Here's the coolest part, you can scan and feed in all your handwritten recipes and Evernote will 'read' them in a manner where it can pull out a recipe just by ingredient search, WHOA! That's my new project by the way, setting all my recipes in stone or in phone, I must say! We met up at Dum Affairs, a discreet yet very vibrant restaurant in South Delhi, that served Awadhi food, probably one of my most favourite Indian cuisines after Chettinad. The food was fabulous, the Haleem was unforgettable, so much so that Dad and I have a date to go have it at the end of the month. The Nalli could have been more tender but the flavours were gorgeous and the marrow, oh the marrow ...all there and all amazing! The restaurant itself is pristine and very calming, I love the way they have used stainless steel (very Indian!) and Chef Mudgal is exactly what the new lot of Chef's are turning out to be, effervescent, engaging and very talented!

Here's more about the afternoon, straight from Evernote!

"From romantic dinners to passed-down family recipes to crazy eats in tiny alleys, meals contain some of our most vibrant and formative memories. We don’t just eat for nutrition; meals are a vehicle for conversations, romance, ideas, family, exploration, and so much more. With Evernote Food, people now have a beautiful way to preserve every dish, every table, and every bite they have ever had.

The app is all about preserving the experiences, thoughts and memories that accompany food. People can also share their experience on social media platforms via an integrated share feature within Evernote Food itself. The app is simple, elegant and a lot of fun to use.

Availability: Evernote is available on the iPhone and all Android phones

Price: Evernote Food is a free app

Video about a café who uses Evernote:"

I am beginning to use the App more like a resource than a repository now. Apart from Evernote Food, the original Evernote App is helping me manage my time and appointments much better. As of now I am juggling a job and a bunch of projects, so this is probably one of the tools keeping me sane! Just to reiterate, I love when things I love, love me back! Cheers!

Check out the menu, by the way ...rocking good stuff! Out of this I am going to make the Jaituni (olives) Kulcha and the Fennel Phirni for sure ...


10th AUGUST, 2012

Kebabs and Such...

Galouti Kebab
(Melt in the mouth kebabs of minced lamb, cardamom and saffron cooked on a traditional
Mahi tawa)
Zard Gilafi Murgh
(Saffron egg-coated succulent chicken morsels marinated in yoghurt and cream
 Cooked on Dum)
Subz ki shaami
(A pan fried patty made from assorted vegetables, split Bengal gram lentil & exotic spices)
Basil Paneer Tikka
(Basil leaves & yoghourt marinade smeared cottage cheese, spit roasted in a clay oven)

Gosht Aur Subz-e-Khaas

Dum ka Murgh
(Ginger and garlic marinated whole chicken served napped with a nutty brown gravy of almonds yoghurt and home ground spices, cooked on “Dum”)
(Cardamom and mace tinged shanks of lamb cooked in a lamb jus with saffron)
Awadhi Haleem
(An aromatic preparation of coarsely ground lamb, pounded wheat and channa lentil tempered with onions, ginger and green chillies)
Three Cheese Bharwan Gucchi
(Exotic cashmere morels stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella & processed cheese cooked in a nutty sauce)
Paneer Ka Methidaar Qaliyan
(Indian cottage cheese cooked in a fenugreek flavoured gravy of onion, cashewnut & yoghurt)
Dum Ki Subz
(Mélange of seasonal vegetables and shredded spinach tossed with fresh herbs and spices)
Dal Maah
(Whole black urad lentil simmered overnight on charcoal with tomatoes, ginger garlic & butter)
Jaituni kulcha, Khameeri roti and parati parantha


Dum Ki Gosht Biryani
(Finest basmati rice and supreme lamb cooked on Dum with cardamom and mace)
Biryani Subz
(Basmati rice and fresh seasonal vegetables cooked on Dum with saffron and caramelized onion)
Served with burrani raita


Royal Tukda
(Crisp fried bread & cardamom flavoured rabri, finished with silver leaves pistachio & saffron)
Jaggery and fennel Phirnee
(Reduced milk ground rice dessert, served in a traditional earthen ware sakora)
Dates and pine nut delight
(A warm dessert of seedless dates and pine-nut)