Feb 29, 2012

Easy Does it!

Met up with fellow bloggers today, some I have admired for a while and some I didn't know existed ..all good! And then one of the iconic ones says ..."yes I know your blog, but you dont post much" ...ouch! Bang on! I dont! So from now I will go down Julie & Julia street, chronicle everything I cook and take more pics as well and yes, this time around, I will post about it! So on a catch up note, I dug into all my archived images and realized, I haven't blogged about any of the food I have made lately. We had chicken cutlets quite a few times this winter, for me its total club food. We would eat at the club every sunday of the winter, it was a family thing and its the only time I met my parents friends because I was never allowed to come down for their parties. So I remember that and the food. I loved the fat, soggy chips, if you ate them soon enough you could get a crispy outside with a mushy inside but if you waited anymore than 5 minutes, they were only worth a dunk in the ketchup for salvation. Then there was the fish orly, crumb fried fish, my all time favourite, with a slaw made of cabbage and gelatenous mayo, ya ya I know I am making it sound ridiculously unappetizing but it really wasnt, it just looked a tad hideous but it was an awesome mileu of flavours. When it off season for fish, I chose chicken cutlets. They are super easy to make and you can have lots of fun with accompaniments like slaw, chilli, garlic mayo, full on salads, condiments like honey dijon and go the potato way and choose from fries, wedges, double baked jacket potatoes, roast potatoes or mash!

This recipe makes 2 big cutlets, you can half, double, triple and make as many as you need!

Chicken breasts                         2
(use a meat mallet to flatten the chicken breasts enough to make them almost double in width)


Worchestshire sauce                 2 tbsp
Tabasco sauce                           1 tbsp
garlic paste                                1 tbsp
Egg                                             1
salt and pepper

Crumb coating:

bread crumbs                               1 cup
cornflour                                      4 tbsp
salt and pepper

oil for shallow frying!

flatten the chicken breasts, marinate without the egg and refrigerate for an hour or two. add the egg, coat the chicken well. put together the breadcrumbs with cornflour and the seasoning. put the chicken on the coating and pat down so that it sticks well, do this for both sides till the entire cutlet is well coated. dust off the excess and shallow dry in 1/2 inch of oil. fry for 4 minutes or less on each side, till lightly brown. these are flatten cuts of meat so they will cook much faster than meats on the bone or thicker cuts.

We had these with a yogurt garlic dressing and rice the last time because everyone wanted something mealy and wholesome. I usually make a few extra to have in sandwiches or burgers the next day! for Ally, I made smaller versions, 1 cut into 2 pieces, I served them with spinach fritters and smileys. Enjoy!