Jan 11, 2013

Deep, Dark and Delicious!

The other night I was craving strawberries and dark chocolate, I had both but I didn't want to do the usual dip and devour, this night was different. This night was a bit like the one from the movie 'Bridesmaids', you know where she spends all this time making the perfect cupcake, only to eat it all by herself, alone in her kitchen. I felt a bit like that, like I deserved to do something special for myself, since I was by myself so often! Sometimes indulgence is the key! So I decided to make a chocolate tart topped with a strawberry and served with strawberries in fresh cream. I can find heavy cream at the dairy nearby but its not really the whipping kind, so I use this bottle/shake technique and get it a bit thicker, sweeten it with icing sugar and then just dunk the strawberries in it (whole), that goes in an ice cream glass and the tart sits on the side, waiting to make happy once more!


This is a biscuity, buttery tart, bit like shortbread, I use my hands to settle it into the tart moulds, just be gentle and avoid your nails from making gashes (mine did!) which I patched with a little dough, once you fill the tart it won't show anyway! Be generous when you roll out a circle to drape the tart mould, you can pinch it all off once you have set the dough in.

150 gms flour
50 gms icing sugar
120 gms butter, cold, cut into cubes.
2 tbsp or slightly more, cold water

Mix the flour and icing sugar together, then use your hands to mush in all the cold butter cubes, till the mixture goes from a mess to coarse breadcrumbs. Use a tablespoon at a time of cold water to bring all this together into a tight, buttery dough. Best to not overdo the moisture, its just there to bring the dough together. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Roll out as per the size of the tart mould you are using, I made lemon tart sized, medium tart shells. Drape over the mould, use your thumbs to settle it in, especially around the sides and on the top where the ridges are. Use a fork to poke 2-3 sets of hold on the base, so the tart doesn't puff up. Bake on 200 C for 8-10 minutes or till light brown.  Cool, loosen and remove gently.


4 tsbp butter
120 gms dark chocolate
6 tsbp fresh cream

Melt the butter and chocolate on a double boiler, you can use a micro if you can work it better than me. Use a wooden spoon to stir and melt. Remove from the boiler once only lumps are left, residual heat will melt the rest of it. Cool completely, then fold in the fresh cream. Stir well, or keep it swirly if you like, would look lovely in a tart actually. Fill the tart shell with a spoon, top with a sliced strawberry and ENJOY!